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Tropers: Sageheart
Sageheart is both the creator of this page, and an internet handle of said person that has its basis in the Warrior Cats series as an Original Character. They are one and the same, save one being a human troper and the other being a fictional domestic cat.

The Person.

    Interests of Person!Sageheart 

The Cat.

    What little you need to know. 
  • The cat is an Author Avatar of the person.
  • She is a gray cat with stripes on her legs, face and tail (called a "ticked tabby"), and has blue eyes—the pelt color is very common, the eye color coupled with the pelt color is not likely but is seen.
  • On the Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test, she scored a 12.
    • After a retake recently, it was a 6.

The both of them.

    Tropes that apply will be added soon. 

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