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I'm an undergrad from the Maritimes, majoring in biology and computer science, and known on the internet as RBM Ifan. Don't ask what the name means - it's not important. But if you see it on another site, it's almost guaranteed to be me. I'm also a compulsive lurker and sporadic contributor to the wonderful site known as TV Tropes.

I like anime, video games, and speculative fiction, and well-written characters. I also like well-written fanfiction, especially of the crossover variety. And I'll read everything from the absurdly humourous to the really dark, but I tend to shy away from romance. Websites I frequent include DeviantArt, Pure Felinity, Sleep is for the Weak, various webcomics, and of course TV Tropes. Webcomics I read include Dilbert, xkcd, Orderofthe Stick, Super Effective, and PHD. I also follow the YuGiOh and DBZ Abridged series. As far as video games go, I prefer rpg and strategy. Longtime favourites are Fire Emblem, Pokémon and Harvest Moon. I've also recently been introduced to the wonderful world of Atlus.

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