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Tropers: Pikaninja 7
Alright, let's get this ball rollin!

Username: Pikaninja7

Real Name: I won't tell, but you can try guessing

Age: 19 as of July 19th, 2010

Gender: Male

There's not much I can say about myself. I like everything really, and my foremost philosophy is to "Give it my all!" I don't have problems working with anyone on large projects, and I'm always looking out for new friends.

Favorite Anime/Manga: One Piece, Gundam, Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, Eyeshield21, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Favorite Games: Pokémonnote , Super Robot Wars, Persona, Cosmic Break, Team Fortress 2

Favorite Shows: Kamen Rider Den-O, Kamen Rider Kiva, Kamen Rider Decade

Favorite Books: None of note, really.

Vandalizing goes here.

Janine x Camper Barry = OTP - Hobgoblin

You have the coolest avatar in this tie. - DRoy

Pendleton. I guess Pendleton. - Malgent

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