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Tropers: Nolan Burke
An embodiment of lonely apathy and general incompotence at life. Also a 19-year-old male troper from The Republic of Festering Shithole, aka South Africa, who has been remarkably successful, thus far, at making precisely zero meaningful contributions to TV Tropes. Send him your money and virgin daughters, and he'll keep it up.

My interests include writing original fiction and getting known on the internet, both of which I have failed at miserably due to a combination of my laziness and a worldwide conspiracy involving Burger King and furries.

Nolan Burke is certainly not my real name. My parents may have done various creative things to me with a red-hot poker, but they'd never be so sadistic as to give me a name like 'Nolan'.

Nolan Burke now logs in as Nolan J Burke. Because he forgot his password. Yes, he knows.

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