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Hi I'm Sarah and I'm 24 I write Precure fanseries and am currently working on Sumatra Precure. I don't really edit too often tbh.

== About==

== Fan Works = = Jem Invincible: A continutation of the IDW Jem comic with some new charecters the Stingers getting more fleshed out and a new major original band joining.

Urban Legends

The Elemental Chornicles

Multiple Precure stuff

Konjiki No Gash Bell Hype Up!: a reboot of Konjiki No Gash Bell/Zatch Bell taking place in the current times of 2017/18 as well as some new charecters and some changes such as Kiyo being a High school Senior, Megumi is a Harajuku style pop star and few charecters such as Folgore Suzume Apollo and Sherry getting the Adaptional Sexuality treatment as well as Eido and Hyde being major charecters.