Tropers / Johnthe Christian

In progress, i'm never satisfied with my own work, so i'll be continually editing this over time.


The Fundamentalist- I used to be one, emphasis on past tense. I've grown into what i consider to be a richer, more full faith, that is more Christ centered than law centered.

Things i like:
  • {{Ptitle23fr1zp0gsny?from=Main.CS Lewis}}- A big fan, more his theology than his Fantasy, though i do like the fantasy as well

  • ThrashMetal- Particularly Metallica

  • Christian Rock- I admit to listening to quite a bit, but not exlusively. Its not The Moral Substitute, I just grew up on it and happen to like a lot.

  • Castlevania

  • ((Grunge}}- Nirvana and Old Pearl Jam in particular

  • Guilty Pleasure- Eminem

  • Pokémon- The game, not the show. I don't watch the show so i don't know if i like it or not.