Tropers / Jeremy The Grue Slayer

Hello Tropers! You may call me "Grueslayer".

Wanna know my TV Tropes search story? Sheesh, you're pushing it, mate. Well, believe it or not, but I thought that if "Anti-Heroes" existed, then so would "Anti-Villains". Yet, nothing on any factual source had infomation on "Anti-Villains". So I punched "Anti-Villain" into the Google searchbar, and VIOLA! TV Tropes. I've been hanging out on this site since.

I have no relation to that other badass named Jeremy (I pwn grues, not n00bs)

My new TV Tropes handle: Cracker M 8

Since this is my user page, I'll be a vain ass here (feel free to check out my mindless crap):

Tropes that would apply to me: