Tropers / Jacelern

''You are nothing more than a character in the great literary work called life. As a character, your purpose and source of happiness is to interact with other characters and create stories between you. The moment you cease to do so, you stop living. You might as well off yourself.

Don't let that happen to you.''

A 17 year old Chinese male who ironically hails from deep Southwest Virginia, Blacksburg, having been born and lived there his entire life. Despite this environment he upped his nose in disdain for the live-and-let-die, near-hedonistic attitudes of both college students and rednecks in the area. Spending elementary school in books before branching into the occasional manga and anime in middle school, by high school he turned to troping and "minor" otakuism and never looked back. After several years of lurking and the occasional anonymous edit, he finally felt confident enough to create a contributor page and begin troping in earnest.

Was originally disheartened by his apparent inability to write an original story, but since TV Tropes has gotten over that. Now has half a dozen story ideas in his head at any given time, but is always thinking of something new, realizing that now is not the time to pursue a career in writing: he likes eating, thank you very much.

Plans on entering the medical field for his eventual adult career. Exactly where in the field is beyond his mental capacity right now.

Enjoys visual novels to a near-unhealthy degree, and believes them to be a rising form of medium through which to tell stories. Is currently Entry Pimping True Remembrance.

This Troper's life contains examples of: