Tropers / J Mac 14

Howdy all, I'm J Mac 14, and I'm brand new to this website. I've visited a bunch of times, and gotten to some fantastic fanfictions by the links on this website. But, I've decided to join it myself and start recommending the works I've found that I thought were really good.

As for me, I'm an aspiring novelist, but I'm not really a good writer, although I hope to write my own work that will get on this page someday. As of now, I'm unpublished, even on something like fanfiction. Although I hope to start posting my stories soon enough.

Things I read: Rosario+Vampire, Sekirei, Fate/Stay Night, Harry Potter, Inheritance Cycle, Percy Jackson, Mass Effect, Dragon Age.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, scheming, reviewing fanfictions, reading plays and poetry.

What I'd like to accomplish: I'd like to become a published author.