Tropers / Ghondar

Ghondar is one of those guys that lurked a lot, and thanks to TV Tropes, lost a lot of time. Maybe if he wasn't so uninterested in his work, he could leave this page. For now, he is here to stay.

He mostly adds examples to the Troper Tales (for now, until he can find examples of tropes not already posted here). He has a beautiful girlfriend, and lives in a faraway country called Argentina.

He loves playing videogames (he was a good example of "Stop Having Fun" Guys a long time ago, and now, while he do it from time to time, he is more a casual gamer now, thanks to the lack of time to learn the games), reading (1984 being one of his favorites, and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy coming in the second place), and watching movies (Inglourious Basterds being his favorite one, with The Empire Strikes Back coming very close).

His english is not exactly perfect, but he is looking to improve it, so feel free to correct any grammatical holocaust he might have done.

The last stuff he added: