Tropers / Geckogirl 191

Geckogirl191 is a girl who's definitely not a Gecko. She just thought "gecko" sounded groovy enough to match her style. And does it? That's yours to decide.

She came to be in the symmetrical year of 1991 and has been on this green and blue planet ever since. All she seeks is knowledge, wisdom and a whole mouthful of delightful entertainment. And the internet has plenty of all three.

Her nickname used to be just "Geckogirl", but there have been so many clones and phonies that were using that name too, so she resorted to add the number 191 to it, and it stuck with her, realizing it had a subtle meaning to her. Ever since, on nearly every site she's active, she goes by the moniker of Geckogirl191. Except on, where she's known as Jane Of All Trades.

Now that you have read all of this, why don't you sit back, relax and prepare to experience the fury of... me naming all the three letter words I can think of. *click*

Cat, the, lob, irk, try, wet, cod, for, her, ebb, egg, goo, elk, ilk, dog, fat, pat, spy, get, sat, sit, wow, man, see, dew, jib, dub, orb, pip, nob, sag, use, vat, rot, tap, wee, saw, hub, dag, cot, wok, biz, was, won, all, awl, owl, pug, lug, con, err, hug, sad, mop, pan, nip, sbu, jut, lam, sod, too, you, old, bag, cup, bad, hut, rom, rip, one, rue, pal, jig, sup, fez, man, tad, log, tis, pod, new, vex, tar, wig, yok, fix, yon, use, hag, fad, huh, not, sty, eye, pie, tug, gut, gun, sap, asp, pus, job...