Tropers / Fyre

Ahem, I am Fyre. One of the tropers here. A rather recent one actually. Oh, how I love this site , though I really didn't join till recently. I honestly didn't think this had much of a community. For some stupid reason, I thought this was some type of pre-made archive for wanna-be authors. Oh, I was so, so, so, so, so, so, wrong.

Anyway, I am just your Average person. My mental conditions, which are around five in total, and usually suppressed on the internet, so, don't worry, I don't bite. Well, that is, unless you give me medium sized fries when I ordered large... THEN I WILL KILL YOUR KITTENS. Or, atleast, something along those lines...anyhow.

I am a Student, a Gamer, an Otaku (Who is proud to NOT be a weeaboo), a novice Author, and a Christian (While I am proud of my religion, and a devout Christian, I am not a thick skulled person, seeing as I rarely judge people, mainly because, I don't think it is my place, and, to boot, being a self proclaimed Philosopher, I am open to any suggestions, and hate nothing, unless it is utterly despicable. That means you, Custard and Mustard plus Ketchup pudding!!!) and, last, but not least, a Roleplayer.

Anyway, Cya all around.

Also, feel free to drop a note...or...PM me, or whatever you wish.