Tropers / Fiammetta

I'm currently 19 years old, very much into anime. I'm a huge fan of many voice actors and I've been going to conventions for over 5 years (Since June of 2006 I've been to over 25, including every Otakon and Anime Next in that period, as well as the first two Manga Nexts, the first two Setsucons, Lunacon 50, every NYCC/NYAF except for 2009, and Ohayocon and Setsucon of 2010). My favorite anime series are CodeGeass, Black Butler, and Durarara!!, and I have had the good luck to be able to go to the cast announcements and dub premiers of all 3. I write a lot, mostly original stories, but some fanfics. I haven't posted any of my stuff yet, but that may change soon. Until then, I guess you can check out my journal page.