Tropers / Ex Delta Shadowz

Annyeonghasaeyo, Nicole imnida. As you can see, I'm a girl.

I have many names, but I go by Nicole (Christian name), Huang Shi Min (Chinese name), Hwang Shi Min (Korean Name. Not much difference...), Shitoshi (Shi Min read as Japanese Kanji), Shika and Mis(t). The last two are nicknames.

I expect uber special gifts on 10th January. I'm a Capricorn, but according to the Chinese zodiac, I'm also a pig. My birth flower, apparently, is a wilted leaf, which is sad and depressing. Is a wilted leaf even a flower? However, my birthstone(s) make up for it, as it's either Garnet or Emerald.

I like blue, black, white and purple. However, when it comes to clothes, purple tends to make me look fat.

My favourite flowers are Sunflowers and Lotuses.

I want to be an author. I'm testing my skills right now by rewriting Twilight. I'm toying with characterization now, so I guess I'll start writing sooner or later. My works can be found at deviantArt and The former has a lot of Super Junior fanfics, you've been warned.

I'm an ELF; a fan of the band Super Junior. If you want to get down to the details, I'm an Undead(fan of Heechul), Gengfan(Fan of Han Geng) and I guess you could consider me a Gamer(fan of Kyuhyun). I used to be a Petal, but then Han Geng and Kyuhyun invaded my heart. Welp.