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Tropers: Evil Children
I, Evil Children, give permission to all to do whatever the hell you want to this page. I don't really care. If anything is placed that bothers me, I'll just delete it. ~Evil Children.
This troper has been awarded the Troper Medallion of All-Around Fierce Dedication by Infinite Paragon.
  • In addition, she will receive a parade and cake whenever the carnies decide to show, courtesy of Motree
    • OBJECTION!! The cake is a lie! Also, you lost the game. Dragon573
    • Anything that isn't edible will also be made out of solid gold, courtesy of Infinite Paragon
    • Everything edible will also be made out of solid gold, courtesy of Faux.
Evil Children plays way too many different tabletops games! @_@ I can't compare to her at all! She's like a Tabletop Guru! -Dynamod
  • I wouldn't say Guru, I'm only 21 after all... I'M SO OLD!!! *Cries in a corner* - Evil Children
  • There, there... *hugs Evil Children* Test Your Might
Judo Vandalize! Test Your Might Huh so this is what it feels like for this to be my first Vandalizeation of someone ... Wait a minute ... - Glexen


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