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Personal page for this troper, Deraj86. Take a wild guess at what my first name is. Anyways, a catalogue of my edits

Misaimed fandom -Added note about Jurassic Park, Crichton, and meaning of science.

Katanas are just better -Added chainmail test

Banshees are Different -Added banshees from Extreme Ghostbusters

Extreme Ghostbusters -Added note about ghosts inspired by Hellraiser

Chuck Norris as Canon sue -Added note about Truth in Television

Deadliest Warrior -Added note in Fisticuffs boss about SWAT & GSG-9 use of shotguns as the killing blow

King of the Hill-Added note in It is Pronounced Tro-PAY, "?Lampshaded by Hank in that very episode. "Isn't that pronounced Tro-PAY?" "Yes but only by mistake."

Added Shane Carwin to genius bruisers

Added Mother tattoos to the Even Bad Men Love Their Mammas page.

Added Veteran's Day Hey Arnold! to Crowning Moment Of Heart Warming

Added reinterpretation of Hank Hill to alternative character interpretations: I thought of a different interpretation: He isn't stuck in the 1950's but he has a classic mental-block caused by the traumatic memories of his childhood. He became so used to being beaten down by Cotton in his youth for showing the slightest sign of weakness that he in essence built a mental fortress around himself, a sort of shelter. He is afraid of anything "new" or "modern" penetrating this mental fortress out of a subconscience fear of Cotton's retribution.

Added Neverwinter Nights 2 to Power Floats, added note about Moral Event Horizon to Hard Candy under "kill the bitch"

This troper once had an interpretation that popped in his mind that came from something similar to the Steamboat Pilot dilemma. It's a metaphor for growing up. When you're young & innocent like Adam & Eve pre-Fall, all is nice and good and the world is full of wonder. After taking the fruit of knowledge, they came to know that the world was not like that, that it was full of sorrow and bad. They "left" the garden, the way you leave behind the rose-colored glasses of youth. -Alternative Character Interpretation

Added Tali as a love interest to Fanservice for Mass Effect 2.

Added Avatar sequel idea to Avatar WMG.

Added Sun Tzu-Vikings to kill it with fire

Added The Guardian to attacking trees.

Added Indians & 7th grade history to troper tales of politically correct history

Added Hitler & abortions to troper tales of Godwin's law.

High Octane Nightmare Fuel: Real Life, added segments about indian traditions

Added Dante's Inferno to WMG on Charlie

Added to Mussolini in Straw Misogynist

Added more to Elizabeth in God Save Us From The Queen

Troper Tails: Misaimed Fandom about Springsteen, Colonel from Avatar

Nightmare Fuel: turned billions into millions

Added WMG about avatar

Added WMG to Mass Effect 2 about Safia & Legion

Added ME 4 MMO to Mass Effect WMG

Added "troper tales" my Mass Effect 2

Added Power-Trio & ME 2.

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Magnificent 7 Samurai: Bioware likes this trope so much that they built the party members of Mass Effect after it. Sheppard is the Hero. Kaiden is the Lancer. Ashley is the big guy. Liara is the smart guy. Wrex is the Old Guy (he is a couple hundred years old). Tali is the young guy. Garrus is... whatevers left.