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Okay... I suppose I should get around to making this. I could write whatever I want here and it wouldn't matter. I mean, nobody's gonna read this, and it's not gonna hurt anyone if they read a bit of me gibberi... I pledge my life to lord Arioch! RIP Quorthon. You're in Valhalla now!

Anyway... back to describing myself to all zero of the people reading this. I'm an [AGE HIDDEN FOR THE GUESSING AGE FORUM GAME] year-old, left-leaning, Australian, somewhat misanthropic(In real life only, on the internet I'm just another schmo.) metal fan. I like (among other things) violent imagery, fantasy literature and worlds, tabletop RP Gs, politics and political history, Pre-Christian European religious stories, arguing with people on the internet, and reading massive amounts of Wikipedia articles. Sign my Troper Wall to make me think it might have been worth it for me to do this. Read on to hear about various shit I enjoy!



Shit I enjoy!(I promised, didn't I?)

This is not a list of everything I like, rather, a list of my absolute favourites from various media. I'm adding shit as it pops into my head, and the list is never gonna be comprehensive.

  • I can't really think of many films I like. They do exist, I just can't think of them.



I'll add more stuff and categories when I can be bothered. (2/7/14)

Here are my old forum signatures:
  • I'm so metal when I take a shit it goes CLANG!
  • Waiting for Ragnarok

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