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Cardinal Operating System version "Spirit-Kai" — Service Pack 10

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{spirit_admin@wecprogress_main}#> admex cd root/system_main/archivedocuments/t3_classified/baseplate

{spirit_admin@wecprogress_main}#> admex ld preface_baseplate.docx -p wordx


Dr. Franziska Cassandra Kaylee (note: not her real name, her alias), Commander, also known as 'Doc Baseplate', is a 26 year old Vulcan orphan in service of Starfleet. She was born on Earth to Vulcan parents, however they were killed when Kaylee was very young. Travelling the stars and living on various streets and alleyways, she grew up tough and emotional. With the innate strength and intellect of all Vulcans, she became a ferocious fighter. Her life would have ended before she passed the age of 16 if it was not for a police raid on her gang's hideout on July 16th 2397. Being sent to a juvenile correction centre, she was taken in by a Starfleet officer.

Initially distrustful of her new caregiver T'Sari, she warmed up to him with time. At his insistence, Kaylee applied to enter Starfleet Academy, and was accepted on August 23rd 2398. While still lax and quite disinterested in continuing her education, she changed her outlook after T'Sari saved the lives of the U.S.S Katori, dying in the process.

Advancing quickly through her classes and becoming one of the highest achieving students academically, she graduated with full honors with the rest of her class on January 20th 2409. Assigned to the U.S.S Katori which took her stepfather's life eleven years prior as the First Officer, she distinguished herself as a capable and effective leader when her Captain was killed during the training cruise that day.

Tasked by Starfleet to investigate a mysterious nebula forming near the Vega system, Kaylee encountered the Borg for the first time. Despite being alone and outnumbered, the crew of the U.S.S Katori held their ground against the Borg assault group. Hopelessly outgunned and outnumbered, Kaylee accepted that this was her end. Unexpectedly, Starfleet sent a flotilla to rescue the crew of the Katori.

The same day, she was sent to halt the Vega assimilation attempt by the Borg. While arriving too late to stop the Planetary Assimilation Probes, she managed to rescue the surviving colonists from the Borg. For these actions, she was awarded with a commission on the Katori with her classmates serving as her crew.

Like back in the Academy, her determination allowed Kaylee to rise quickly through the ranks of Starfleet. This was aided greatly by the missions she undertook for Starfleet regarding the threat of the Klingons.

She was reassigned to the U.S.S Myoukou on December 23rd 2409. The Myoukou was a refit Excelsior-class. She was one of the final Excelsior-class cruisers built by the Utopia Planitia shipyards. Given full ownership of the Myoukou, she took the ship and her crew on a massive campaign against the Klingon separatists and Borg Collective.

She is currently on the front lines of the conflict, the Myoukou and her crew hardened and trained after a year of constant combat in the Neutral Zone and in the Beta Quadrant.

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