Tropers / Arcan Genth

Yes, it's real chainmail.
Yes, I made it.
Yes, I'm a geek.

An uber-geek.
You have been warned.

Huge Transformers fan, and an enjoyer of anime and most games: board, console, PC, and tabletop.
Skilled Origami-ist. Once made a level 2 Menger Sponge out of Post-it notes.
New accomplishment!
A 16 inch tall Minecraft Creeper made with only paper. No glue, no tape, no adhesively of any kind!
I love a good book, but sadly don't read much lately.

Arcan Genth used to work in the IT industry as a contracted system administrator.
Now he is a retail minion for Walmart. The shame.
I'm an I.T. monkey again!

—— Favorite anime:

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