Trivia / The Tournament Of Rings

Round 1

Patrick vs Rascal

Mark and Jason vs Phyddle and Relith

Arklay and Blackmore vs Eli and Danny

Tristan vs Jack and Jill

Jolly vs Sohrab

Vale and Grassman vs Garvis

Lalita and Rokurou vs Dead Ranger and Manikin [[note] Double Forfeit- Void Match[[/note]]

Ramona vs Santin and Kin

Damien vs Paper Jackie

Crin vs Shakoda and Lonnie

Nina vs James

Norse and Elly vs Kaiden and Alastair

Digger and Harrison vs Noche

Abyss vs Ezekiel

Moza and Drake vs Caroline and Tik Tok

Faith vs Red


Patrick note 

Phyddle and Relith

Eli and Danny

Jack and Jill note 


Garvis note 

Santin and Kin [[note]Opponent forfeit[[/note]]

Paper Jackie

Shakoda and Lonnie [[note]Opponent forfeit[[/note]]


Kaiden and Alastair [[note]Opponent forfeit[[/note]]

Digger and Harrison


Moza and Drake

Faith [[note]Opponent forfeit by absence[[/note]]

Round 2

Patrick vs Faith

Moza and Drake vs Phyddle and Relith

Santin and Kin vs Eli and Danny

James vs Jack and Jill [[note]Opponent forfeit - Void Match[[/note]]

Ezekiel vs Sohrab

Shakoda and Lonnie vs Garvis vs Digger and Harrison

Kaiden and Alastair vs Paper Jackie



Moza and Drake

Santin and Kin


Digger and Harrison

Kaiden and Alastair

Round 3

Patrick vs Digger and Harrison

Moza and Drake vs Kaiden and Alastair

Santin and Kin vs Sohrab