Trivia / Sixpence None the Richer

  • Black Sheep Hit: The band doesn't hate "Kiss Me", but it does stand in stark comparison to most of what came before it.
  • Creator Breakdown: Getting jerked around by a record label in the process of going out of business provided a lot of songwriting fuel for their self-titled album. That album's opening trilogy and "The Lines of My Earth" are especially notable, making it sound as if the band was about ready to pack it in.
  • Executive Meddling: The decline of R.E.X. Records rendered the band pretty much immobile, inspiring the Creator Breakdown mentioned above. They then proceeded to get screwed all over again when Squint Records fell upon hard times, delaying the release of Divine Discontent for over two years.
    • A brief overview of their career would go something like this: Sign to a fledgling record label. Record two albums. Get stuck in a dead-end contract when that label goes belly-up. Sign to another promising young record label. Record two more albums. Get stuck in another dead-end contract, despite a mainstream hit single and a few modest follow-ups. Break up. Pursue a few solo projects that go nowhere. Get back together. Sign to yet another small record label. Record an album, only for the label to delay its release for several years, forcing you to eventually release it on your own.
  • Follow Up Failure: Sort of an enforced aversion. "Kiss Me" was the only hit single from the original version of the album Sixpence None the Richer. In its wake, none of the other tracks from that record were even considered, apparently, since the band's next single was their newly-recorded cover of "There She Goes", which got tacked onto later releases of the album.
  • Real-Life Relative: The music video for Leigh Nash's "Need to Be Next to You" features her then-husband, Mark Nash, as her love interest.