Trivia: Silent Witness

  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
    • Morgause from Merlin is a forensic scientist.
    • Also Sinead Keenan as Naomi Silverlake.
    • Kelly Harrison from Casualty as Julia.
    • Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers shows up as Geraldine Briggs in the series 16 premiere.
    • Harry Potter's father James (Adrian Rawlins) is the detective of the week in in the series 17 premiere.
    • Julian Glover turned up one story.
  • Too Soon: "And Then I Fell In Love", a story planned for Season 15, was delayed as it was too close to a very-high-profile case undergoing trial involving a child sex ring in Rochdale, to the point of potentially prejudicing it. The case has now concluded, but the story had a long delay and was finally rescheduled to air several months after originally planned.