Trivia / Quincy

  • The Danza: Technical advisor Marc Scott Taylor also had a recurring role as Mark the lab technician.note 
    • And Eddie Garrett as Eddie.
      • And Diane Markoff as the waitress Diane.
  • Edited for Syndication: The earliest episodes ran in 90-minute slots as part of The NBC Mystery Movie; these episodes ("Go Fight City Hall... To The Death," "Who's Who in Neverland," "A Star Is Dead" and "Hot Ice, Cold Hearts") were later cut down to 60-minute versions and added to the syndicated package (although they're included in their original versions on the DVD release of season one).
  • Missing Episode: Two episodes were never repeated during NBC's network runnote :
    • "Nowhere To Run" dealing with the aftermath of a teenage girl falling to her death - although running from her boyfriend at the time, she committed suicide because she had been impregnated by her own father, with whom she'd been having an incestuous relationship. This episode averted both Always Murder and Trailers Always Spoil - it also resulted in guest star Charles Aidman losing a lucrative commercial gig.
    • "Never A Child," in which a runaway teenage girl is preyed on by a child pornographer, and which some thought was in bad taste although the episode itself is hardly exploitative - unlike the TV movie Fallen Angel the girl never actually does porn; she's rescued before it happens.
  • Written by Cast Member: Jack Klugman, unsurprisingly (see Author Filibuster), had a hand in the writing of four episodes. (Yes, only four amazingly — though his sister Deborah and brother Maurice contributed in that department as well.)
    • Mark Scott Taylor (Mark) also has co-story credit on the two-part episode "Slow Boat To Madness."