Trivia / My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic S2 E1 "The Return of Harmony Part 1"

  • Fan Nickname: Fluttershy's easily-exploitable name gets another variation in this episode: Jerkass Fluttershy is "Flutterbitch". "Fluttercruel" is also seeing use, "Flutterbully" is also sometimes used. Surprizingly "Flutterbrute" is not, even though it flows well and Twilight herself called her a brute in the next episode
    • There is more - discorded Applejack is Liarjack, discorded Rarity is sometimes referred to as Greedity or Rarigreed, discorded Rainbow Dash is Traitor Dash or Rainbow Ditch, and discorded Pinkie Pie is sometimes called Meanie Pie.
    • Fans occasionally replace the c in Discord with a Q: DisQord.