Trivia: Moon Zero Two

  • Hey, It's That Guy!: The film features a lot of familiar faces from 1960's British TV and films:
    • J.J.Hubbard is played by Alf Garnett from 'Til Death Us Do Part. It's a bit... jarring.
    • Bernard Bresslaw, best know for playing The Big Guy in the endless Carry On series of comedies, is hard to take seriously as Hubbard's chief thug.
    • Carol Cleveland is one of the waitresses on the moon base.
    • Clementine, the female lead, was later cast as Maya on Space1999.
  • Science Marches On: In many ways:
    • The film runs with the "asteroids are the remains of an exploded planet" theory, which modern science has largely discarded.
    • The film was made before the Soviet Union's Venera series of unmanned probes revealed just how hostile the surface of Venus is. Colonies? Not any time soon.
    • There are ice-mines on the Moon. Science marched away from this idea, but if you hear returning footsteps, it's because of new discoveries.