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Trivia / Midnight Oil

  • Black Sheep Hit: Technically "Surf's Up Tonight" with it's "summer lovin'" theme and mellower sound, but it didn't matter because it wasn't an introduction to the band for anyone in Australia, and did little business overseas besides some airplay on US alternative radio stations.
    • "The Real Thing" is a better example. The band had a dozen or so people write a list of a hundred songs for them to potentially cover. They selected "The Real Thing" because it was the only song that appeared on every list. It had already become a black sheep hit for Russell Morris and even had it not aged badly in the more than 30 years since its original release, its semi-intentional goofiness was a poor fit for Midnight Oil. It only sounded weirder for their attempt to make it sound like a song they could have written.
  • Old Shame: It wasn't that old by the time they broke up in 2002, but drummer Rob Hirst hates their 1996 album Breathe, mostly because he didn't have any involvement in the songwriting. It was poorly received by the fans, too. It at least boasts a strong single in "Surf's Up Tonight", but even that was too poppy for some purists.
    • Averted by their older material in general, as they were known to play a decent amount of it live and occasionally break out even the most obscure of their early songs that they may not have played in many years.