Trivia / Martina McBride

  • Old Shame: In the liner notes of her Greatest Hits Album, she and producer Paul Worley make notes on every song. Both of them claim that they hated her 1993 hit "Life #9": McBride because she didn't think it fit her style, and Worley because he thought it sounded like a disco song. (Worley, who is also a session guitarist, was also embarrassed by his slide guitar solos on "My Baby Loves Me", saying that they "somehow never got erased".)
  • Signature Song: "Independence Day", "A Broken Wing", "Concrete Angel", "This One's for the Girls"... of which only "A Broken Wing" was a #1 hit.
  • Throw It In!: McBride based her vocal delivery on "I Love You" on the woman who sang the demo.
  • What Could Have Been: The aforementioned Greatest Hits album includes an album track called "Strangers" which was really popular even though it was never a single. McBride feels that she would've had more chart momentum if it were a single instead of "Heart Trouble" and "Where I Used to Have a Heart", both of which flopped.