Trivia / Knightmare

  • Creator Backlash: Series creator Tim Child has named Series 4 as his least favourite series of the show, feeling that it looked ugly due to the team having not yet fully gotten the hang of using live-action backgrounds, and that the formula of a dungeoneer trying to get through a dungeon full of largely Neutral Evil enemies had run its course.
  • The Other Marty: Cedric was played by Richard Bonehill in the unaired pilot episode. When the full series was commissioned, he was replaced by Lawrence Werber.
  • Screwed by the Network: Despite consistently rating as CITV's most-watched show until the very end of its life, the network suits decided that the show was yesterday's news and coerced the producers into allowing Knightmare to die so that Virtually Impossible could have a second season... and then they cancelled Virtually Impossible anyway.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • One dungeoneer had a very near miss in the Corridor of Blades, and the suggestion was made that he should appear to have lost an arm (by covering that arm with green fabric, so it would be removed by the greenscreen effects). Executive Meddling vetoed the idea.
    • An American adaption was tried in 1993, called Lords of the Game; the pilot was filmed in Norwich, using American contestants. Unfortunately, American producers balked at the complexities of the chroma-key gameplay and it wasn't picked up. (A NYC/Long Island-based independent station, WLNY-TV 10/55, did air reruns of the original show for a time in the mid-90's.)
  • You Look Familiar: Several members of the cast played more than one character — for example, Sir Hugh de Wittless and Ah Wok were played by Mark 'Lord Fear' Knight.

  • Of the eight teams who successfully completed their quests, three (Dickon and co. from Series 4, Ben and co. from Series 6, Dunstan and co. from Series 8) were searching for the Crown, two (Ben and co. from Series 5, Barry and co. from Series 7) were searching for the Shield, and one each were searching for the Talisman (Julian and co. from Series 2), searching the Sword (Julie and co. from Series 7), and seeking to free the maid Gretel (Mark and co. from Series 2). No team succeeded in retrieving the Cup (or the Chalice as it was known in Series 1-3), though both Leo and co. and Martin and co. from Series 3 came within one room of the end, while Richard and co. from Series 1 presumably came very close to the end, given that the end of their quest coincided with the end of that series.