Trivia: Just a Minute

  • Actor Allusion: Panellists will often be given subjects which in some way refer to their careers outside Just a Minute, whether directly or indirectly. For example, Kenneth Williams, when given the subject of "Julius Caesar", took the obvious bait to quote his famous line "Infamy! They've all got it in for me!" from Carry On Cleo, to huge audience applause.note 
  • The Cast Showoff: Kenneth Williams would often be given subjects that allowed him to show off his knowledge of history.
  • In Memoriam: Just a Minute has included tributes to each of the four original regular panellists following their deaths.
    • The 5 May 1988 episode, the first to air after the death of Kenneth Williams a few weeks earlier (but which had been recorded before his death), was introduced by the Radio 4 continuity announcer as a tribute to his memory.
    • Nicholas Parsons introduced the 1 March 1999 episode as a tribute to Derek Nimmo, who had died a few days before the episode aired; Nicholas noted that the episode's recording a few months earlier had been Derek's last professional appearance.
    • A summer re-run of the 17 January 2000 episode was dedicated to the memory of Peter Jones, who had died earlier in the year and one of whose last professional appearances had been for the recording of the episode in question.
    • At the end of the 27 July 2009 episode, Nicholas introduced an audio clip of Clement Freud, who had died the previous spring, speaking on the subject "How I hope my epitaph will read" from the 29 January 2001 episode as a tribute to his memory:
      Clement Freud: I think just my name, the date of my death, and the words "Best before".note 
  • Missing Episode: Ten early episodes (six from 1968, three from 1969, and the Christmas 1974 episode) have no known surviving recordings. Additionally, most episodes from before 1990 only exist in the Transcription Services editions for international broadcast (The BBC junked most of their original tapes, but The ABC have a nearly complete set of TS tapes), trimmed by around three or four minutes each and sometimes with rounds spliced from other episodes featuring the same panel.