Trivia / G.I. Joe PSAs

  • Executive Meddling/Streisand Effect - Hasbro tried and succeeded in getting Fensler to take the videos off his site. But that didn't stop the rest of the Internet from holding onto them!
  • Referenced by...:
    • Two button options in one Kingdom of Loathing adventure are "Give 'im the stick" and "DOOOOON'T GIVE 'IM THE STICK!" (from #5). Another adventure includes the two options "Pull The Lever" and "DOOOOOON'T PULL THE LEVER!"
    • The pork chop sandwich item begins by quoting Blowtorch in #7.
    • The "Fireball" item in Borderlands 2 has the flavor text "Porkchop sandwiches!"
    • In The Venture Bros., 21 wears a Porkchop Sandwiches t-shirt when out of uniform.
    • In Two Best Friends Play, Pat wants Katie to shut her mouth and make him some porkchop sandwiches.