Trivia / From Up on Poppy Hill

  • No Export for You: Disney, Studio Ghibli's usual distributor in North America, neglected to pick up this movie, leaving its international future undetermined. This raised speculation on whether Disney diddn't want the rights to Poppy Hill due to certain themes clashing with their family-friendly image, or they just didn't think it was "fantasy"-esque enough to be profitable.
    • Averted when GKIDS, an independent animation distribution company that had previously received theatrical rights to most of the Ghibli films, picked up Poppy Hill, with Studio Ghibli preparing a dub for it. The movie had a theatrical release at March 15th, 2013, with a DVD and Blu-Ray release following September 3rd the same year.
  • Non-Singing Voice: In the Mexican Spanish dub, Shiro Mizunuma's singing voice is provided by Luis Leonardo Suárez.