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Trivia: Franz Schubert
  • What Could Have Been: This trope was invoked by Schubert's friend Franz Grillparzer, who wrote the composer's epitaph: "The art of music here entombed a rich possession; but even far fairer hopes." However, it has been pointed out that, since Schubert managed to compose several hundred songs, eight complete symphonies (and a couple of unfinished ones), 15 string quartets, several other pieces of chamber music, 21 piano sonatas and numerous other works for piano, six entire masses, a couple of dozen other pieces of church music, at least four full-length operas and a lot of shorter pieces of musical drama, plus an oratorio, such that the Bärenreiter Verlag edition of his complete works consists of 83 Volumes, nearly all of which is of the highest quality, then he succeeded, by most reasonable standards, in averting this trope.

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