Trivia / Blue Heelers

  • Enforced Method Acting: All the actors playing police had to undergo academy training.
  • Name's the Same: Sergeant Schultz (the big, prickly German police officer) and Sergeant Schultz. Tara Mc Clay (a resident at a alternate lifestyle retreat) and Tara McClay.
  • Screwed by the Network: Because it was no longer the highest rating show in Australia the show was axed to afford Olympic and football coverage.
  • Truth in Television: Several storylines are Ripped from the Headlines including criticism of revenue raising and obsolete S&W .38 revolvers still being used, and when the series was retooled we would see the surge blue and leather jackets and boonie hats phased out for the current paramilitary dark blue jumpers and updated uniforms. When Ford or Holden general duties vehicles were unavailable Toyota or Mazda stand ins would be done up in standard Australian Police style: turns out now that Ford and Holden are no longer Australian police are looking at foreign vehicles with Victoria leaning towards Mercedes Benz and trial Mustangs and Porches, and other states looking at alternatives including the Toyota and Mazda stand ins.
  • What Could Have Been: The original premise of the series called for it to be set in a police station in suburban Melbourne, with a style more or less identical to that of British show The Bill. The genius moment came when one of the producers suggested turning this premise on its head: instead of being set in the city, why not have a city cop move to a country town, and finding that things are done differently than they are "in the big smoke"? This decision to set the series in a country town is arguably what made it stand out. Though, Mount Thomas made Melbourne look bigger than Tokyo, Paris and New York City, and had more crime than all three cities put together.
  • You Look Familiar: Quite a few of the regular and recurring cast got their start as a one off character. Marcus Eyre, who was Luke Darcy's father, would come back as homicide detective Paul Donald. Jane Alsop, known for her portrayal as Jo Parish, first started as a woman who was used in a dating agency scam. Samantha Tolj was a guest star at least twice before securing the role of Kelly O'Rourke.