Trivia / Angels Revenge

  • Actor Allusion: Pat Buttram's performance as a used car salesman isn't exactly a stretch for him. And that includes the used bicycle salesman on Tiny Toon Adventures almost 20 years later.
  • Awesome, Dear Boy: The reason some of the older actors signed up seemed to be that they could chat up pretty young women.
  • Deleted Scenes: A few that were missing from some cuts of the movie (including the version used on Mystery Science Theater 3000). Highlights include the van construction montage, Elaine talking to Miller about the Angels, an extended tour of the completed van, Trish complaining (yet again) that the other Angels never let her do anything, Elaine and the Angels dropping off the captured drugs with Miller, and April rescuing the other Angels from the bad guys during the infamous Waterfall Shower scene.
  • Non-Singing Voice: Susan Kiger didn't do Michelle's singing for "Shine Your Love"; it was dubbed by Patty Foley (who also sang a different song over the end credits).
  • Real-Life Relative: Sisters Robin and Liza Greer play the non-related characters Elaine and Trish.
    • Jacqueline Cole was married to director Greydon Clark.