Timeline / Warrior Cats

With a very detailed backstory and many spinoff titles, Warrior Cats has a rather complicated timeline.

Warning: Due to the very nature of this page, expect massive unmarked spoilers ahead.

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    The Dawn of Time 
  • Rock and Midnight witness the first sunrise over the lake.
  • In the sunrise's reflection on the lake, they witness the events of the future and the prophecies are created.

    The Time of the Ancients 
  • A group of cats come together in the mountains.
  • Due to harsh conditions, the mountain cats leave the mountains and move to a lake.
  • Furled Bracken becomes leader of the mountain cats.
  • Fallen Leaves, son of Stone Song and Broken Shadow, enters the tunnels as part of a test to become a sharpclaw. The tunnels flood and he is killed.
  • Jay's Wing enters the tunnels and emerges from them, becoming a sharpclaw.
  • Jay's Wing tells the other Ancients about the mountains.
  • Furled Bracken holds a vote about leaving the forest to move to the mountains. The Ancients vote to leave.
  • Furled Bracken steps down as leader and appoints Stone Song as his replacement.
  • Jay's Wing tells Stone Song about the ancestors of the Ancients watching over them.
  • Jay's Wing disappears.
  • The Ancients leave for the mountains.
  • The Ancients move into a cave behind a waterfall.
  • Dark Whiskers dies when he falls off a cliff.
  • Jay's Wing returns.
  • Jay's Wing helps the Ancients figure out some hunting techniques.
  • Half Moon sees the Sign of the Moon.
  • The Ancients manage to catch an eagle.
  • Shy Fawn's kits are born, including Lion's Roar.
  • Half Moon becomes the Stoneteller, leader of the Ancients.
  • The Ancients become a Tribe.

    The Dawn of the Clans 

    The Early Clan Days 

    The Fall of SkyClan 
  • Darkstar, leader of SkyClan, gives some land to ThunderClan and creates the 13th rule of the warrior code, "The word of the Clan leader is the word of the warrior code."
  • The five medicine cats come together to create the 14th rule of the warrior code, "An honorable warrior does not need to kill other cats to win his or her battles, unless they are outside the warrior code or it is in self defense."
  • Flystar becomes leader of SkyClan and appoints Petalfall as his deputy.
  • Petalfall's seizures force her to retire and Cloudstorm becomes deputy of SkyClan.
  • Cloudstorm becomes leader of SkyClan.

    Post-SkyClan Era 
  • Gorsekit and Spottedkit receive their warrior names, Gorseclaw and Spottedpelt.
  • A ThunderClan she-cat named Mapleshade has a forbidden relationship with a RiverClan tom.
  • Mapleshade gives birth to kits.
  • Mapleshade is exiled from ThunderClan and takes her kits across the river. However, they drown.
  • Mapleshade's former mate takes one of his Clanmates as his new mate, and they have a daughter.
  • Mapleshade seeks revenge and eventually dies, being sent to the Dark Forest for whatever she did.

    The Days Before Firestar 
  • Hawkheart, Milkfur, Sagewhisker, and Goosefeather become medicine cats.
  • Milkfur takes Bramblepaw as his apprentice.
  • Goosefeather takes Featherpaw as his apprentice.
  • During Featherpaw's initiation as a medicine cat, Molepelt, former medicine cat of ShadowClan, gives him the warning, "A storm of fire and blood will sweep the forest."
  • Bramblepaw and Featherpaw receive their names, Brambleberry and Featherwhisker.
  • Milkfur dies, leaving Brambleberry to become medicine cat of RiverClan.
  • Heatherstar becomes leader of WindClan. She meets with Mothflight, the first medicine cat, who tells her that one of her warriors will be drawn away from WindClan, and that she must let him go.
  • Tallkit of WindClan is born to Palebird and Sandgorse. Tallkit's sister Finchkit dies at birth.

    The Rise of Firestar 
  • Oakheart leads a patrol that reclaims Sunningrocks for RiverClan.
  • Spottedleaf receives the prophecy, "Fire Alone Can Save Our Clan."
  • Meanwhile, a kittypet named Rusty begins having dreams of running through the wild. Veturing out of his owner's backyard in time, he encounters the apprentice Greypaw, along with Lionheart and Bluestar. Promising to return to that spot if he decides to join the clans, Rusty returns to his house to think about what future he wants to have.
    • Deciding to join thunderclan, Rusty has is own initiation ceremony when he gets into a fight with the warrior Darkstripe. Breaking his collar as a symbolic jesture, Rusty is given a new apprentice name: Firepaw.
      • However, as he grows in knowing the Clan, he discovers new allies, new friends, but also dark secrets underneath several clan warriors.
  • Firepaw begins to feel attraction toward the medicine cat Spottedleaf.
  • Firepaw rescues an exiled medicine cat named Yellowfang. Besting her in combat but taking mercy, she becomes a ward of Spottedleaf.
  • To protect Tigerclaw's apprentice Ravenpaw from being killed for knowing the truth of his actions at the sunning rocks, Ravenpaw is moved into the protection of the farm cat Barley.
  • Firepaw helps lead a revolt in Shadow Clan, spurned on by news of its leader Darkstar's cruel practices.
    • For his bravery and nobility, he's made a warrior alongside Greypaw: they take the names Fireheart and Greystripe.
  • Making his way to the moonstone, Fireheart convenes with Starclan. Meeting with 9 cats from his past: Lionheart, Redtail, Silverstream, Runningwind, Brindleface, swiftpaw, Yellowfang, Spottedleaf and Bluestar, he receives his 9 lives, and is reborn as Firestar.
    • With Tigerstar plotting to take over the other clans, he calls upon the neighboring "bloodclan" from around the twoleg place to intimidate the other clans to join his tigerclan. In response, Firestar allies with Windclan to form the temporary Lionclan to stand against tigerstar.
    • During a confrontation, Bloodclan's leader Scourge decides to postpone battle after hearing Tigerstar's long list of misdeeds. Attacking Scourge, Tigerstar's entire lower section is ripped open, and due to the severity of his injuries, he dies 9 times, ending his threat forever.
  • Reuniting the clans under 1 banner to ensure survival against blood clan, Firestar leads the clans to battle at Four Trees, and after sustained conflict, drive blood clan off thanks to killing Scourge.
    • Lion Clan then disbands back into the 4 clans, though with stronger ties than before the war.

    The Rebirth of SkyClan 
  • Firestar is granted a vision to rebuild Sky Clan.
    • Deciding to follow Star Clan's wishes, he takes Sunstorm with him and sets out on his long journey.

    The Fall of the Forest and finding the new home 

    The Era of the Three