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Theatre: Drakula
"Ki vagy?" note 
"Senki vagyok."note 

Drakula is a Hungarian musical based off the the famous vampire story. It was put on by the Magyar Lovas Színház Komárom, and relies heavily on spectacle, which includes making great use of the theatre's live horses in the show.

It's very much a Pragmatic Adaptation, with many subplots and characters simply thrown out, while a few new ones are added, and much more attention payed to things that were minor in the book. Dr. Seward and Renfield don't exist at all, and Lucy's decision between her possible suitors (now only Quincey Morris and Arthur Holmwood) is a major part of the story.

The show premiered in 2007, and featured Edit Vörös as Mina, Balázs Nagy as Jonathan, Nikolett Gallusz as Lucy, and Tibor Pintér as Drakula.

Tropes include:

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