Tearjerker / Ravages Of Time

The auhor Chen Mou really loves dwelling on character's deaths and makes them as heart-wrenching as humanly possible. If the character happens to be one who has lived for longer than ten volumes and the readers have grown an attachment with, you won't be able to hold your tears when they go.

  • The death of Xiao Meng. The moon will go into waning indeed.
  • Every single major death in Lu Bu's camp: Gao Shun, Chen Gong, but especially Lu Bu's daughter. Actually, their morale breakdown at the end of Xiapi's campaign is depressing, even if you already knew the outcome.
  • The opening of Chapter 258: "Be Loyal and Filial" features a captured soldier of Lu Bu's on his way to the execution site, railing against other soldiers who surrendered and cursing them, "be the last of your bloodline!"... only for him to see his mother and wife brokenhearted as they watch him led off. He tells his wife to take his mother home lest she catch a cold, and yells at his mother that there's nothing to see here...
  • Dian Wei's last stand. Of course, since this is an adaptation of Ro 3 K, everyone knew it was coming.
  • Sun Ce's death, where it turns out the Little Conqueror was really just a "Well Done, Son!" Guy who never really got to know his father.
    • Double as kind of a heartwarming and tear-jerking moment, when previously Sun Ce had a nightmare of being severely scolded by his father for his disloyalty to Imperial Han; at his moment of death we see Sun Jian's spirit come back to pick him up, Sun Ce reverting to a happy child, and Sun Jian does not condemn him at all but rather tells Zhou Yu: "He's tired. Let him rest." Glad to know he gets his peace of mind in death.
  • Chapter 331: "I am now... the last of my village."
  • Chapter 333: "Haha... people of my village.. you are all here." In that chapter he actually got the better of Xiahou Dun, only to be struck down by Dun's cousin/"brother" Xiahou Yuan. The chapter's even titled "Brothers in Arms"!
  • Yuan Fang's death. The entire chapter dedicated to his last moment is absolutely heart-breaking. Yuan Fang's smile as he closes his eyes in Xiao Cha's arms... what a way for the "demon king" to go out, in the embrace of his lost love.
  • Rather unexpectedly, Yuan Shao's death. A proud man, ruler of a rich and powerful clan, reduced to a gardener living on false hope that his favourite son Yuan Fang was still alive. When the truth was revealed, he died of a broken heart.
  • As Guo Jia has been around for so long and is one of the most popular characters, Chen Mou went to extra miles to make sure his readers wouldn't get over their heartbreaks over his death anytime soon... by giving him one of the most tear-jerking passings to date, not wasting a moment of his dying breaths and devoting the last of his life to plan ahead for Chibi so that Cao Cao's chance in the next showdown against team Zhuge Liang, which he had foreseen to be slim, could rise even by the tiniest bits. He only gave up on clinging to life when Xun Yu, a comrade whose ideals had been at odds with his for so long, took him in his arms and let Guo Jia know he understood and acknowledged the righteousness of Guo Jia's evil justice, which had won Cao Cao half the war, as well as the great sacrifices to his own name and life that he had taken for the sake of the country. Soon later, Guo Jia died in Xun Yu's arms, a smile on his lips. On hindsight, it was a big Pet the Dog move on Xun Yu's part, especially as just a few chapters ago it had been hinted that his genocidal crime on Xuzhou innocents back then actually weighed on Guo Jia's conscience. Readers of Romance of The Three Kingdoms might squint their eyes just a little bit more for finer details in this chapter and find out that this chapter as well as the ones before it are basically a Dying Moment of Awesome Chen Mou had prepared for a beloved character: if the hints were anything to go by, Guo Jia was the one who would save Cao Cao's life in Chibi and delay Sima Yi's coup d'etat for as long as more than 30 years later.
  • When Liaoyuan Huo's horse is cut down by Cao troops at Changban, he's pressed on all sides by spears and he believes himself about to die, it's not his life that flashes before his eyes... but rather Xiao Meng reaching for him through the myriad of spears, just like the one he'd died under about a decade before.
  • When Zhang Liao's getting the better of Gan Ning during the Battle of Chibi, Ling Tong jumps in to parry the killing stroke, before monologuing that he's never forgotten or forgiven Gan Ning for killing his father Ling Cao — but "whoever serves the Sun clan is also a brother I value the most", eventually extending his hand to help Gan Ning up. Seeing Gan Ning's tears as he'd helped up, be they grateful or shamed, Zhang Liao unconsciously reaches out, and a double-page spread reveals that in his mind's eye, he would have been reaching for the dead-for-ten-years Lu Bu.
    Zhang Liao: "I feel, at this moment, a longing for the support that will always keep me standing... except it's an empty dream. The wound suddenly shivers without inhibition, the pain awakens me - yanking me back into reality''."
    • One of the side novels revealed that well after Lu Bu's death Zhang Liao still has survivor's guilt for capitulating to Cao Cao, exemplified in how "[w]henever he feels some kind of admiration or respect for Guan Yu, there would be a roar in his heart, Lu Buís roar, scolding him for acknowledging this entirely different species of man."
      Imaginary Lu Bu: "Zhang Liao oh Zhang Liao! I donít blame you for not dying with me, but why do you desire to be close to that rotten paradigm of honour and loyalty? Have you forgotten what you had promised me in that water-logged white castle that day? That you would die on the same year, same month, and same day as your brothers? But here we are, still waiting for you! And what, now youíre a high ranking official, too! The General of the Vanguard? And also a marquis? I, this insignificant Xuzhou prefect, should bow my respect to you'..."
  • Liaoyuan Huo had finally decided to serve Liu Bei wholeheartedly. He rescued Ah Dou (Liu Bei's son), wounding his former mentor and disobeyed Sima Yi's orders to assassinate both Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang, deciding to become "Zhao Yun" instead. When he ran into Cao Cao and Sima Yi at Changban, he declared that Ah Dou was his Lord Liu Bei's son, his "gongzi" (a servant will usually refer his master as "gongzi" if the master is young), his one and only "gongzi". Sima Yi knew what this really meant, and began to cry silently. Poignantly, at that point Ah Dou burst into tears, leading Zhao Yun to say "Don't cry, gongzi". Even brothers, when their causes differed, have to be heartless towards each other
  • Chapter 180. We get the result of First Xuzhou Campaign up close from Zhuge Liang's perspective. Exemplified by a Child Soldier who Jumped at the Call and die in a few pages.