Tear Jerker / The Orphanage

  • The end of the film: Laura finds her son from the basement...but he is dead from hypothermia and starvation after being trapped there for weeks. In her grief Laura overdoses with her son's HIV medicines and is reunited with Simon in death, where she becomes a matron for the orphan ghosts, who say, "She's grown older, just like Wendy!" (Reference to Peter Pan which was their bedtime story)
    • It is also hinted that he died the very first night by falling from the stairs. Evidence of this is the broken handle and the flashback that Laura had about listening to noises through a wall; immediately after the memories fade away we see the broken stairway railing and Simon lying on the floor, his neck at an unnatural angle. Which makes everything a lot sadder and creepier. In either case, it was basically HER fault that Simon died.
  • The final scene deserves to be mentioned: After Laura's death, Carlos returns to the orphanage. He looks around the room where Laura died, still devastated that she's gone, along with his adopted son. Then he finds the medallion he had given her to protect herself with halfway through the film. He then hears the doors and looks up to see them sway open... and he smiles.
    • Just think for a second, Carlos was basically the ghost-proof parent, not believing Laura that the orphanage wasn't haunted, but still being supportive of her. Just that ending shows that he may now believe that his wife and adoptive son are probably there.