Tear Jerker / Mitadake High

  • Some players tend to have their characters go through so much that you just want to cry for them sometimes!
  • Getting close to someone in the game tends to end badly, as that character often gets separated or murdered, or you are the one that hits the bucket.
  • More of an OOC tear jerker, but if these games were first based on Higurashi, then one could see it as that the characters are locked in a "Groundhog Day" Loop . Just think about that a second.
    • Even worse, every loop, with the exception of certain characteristics a server may all agree are always part of one character, they ALWAYS have a personality change every loop. Which can be horrifing if you think of the number of rounds some servers will go through with all the same players.
  • Some good roleplayers will emote their character's death if they have been sufficiently wounded. This is particularly poignant at the end of a round, especially if said person had just stopped the murderer and things were looking on the positive.