Tear Jerker / Glory of Heracles

This is one of those "smiles and tears" series. Your party will have some good times, but the story can hit YOU hard when you least expect it:
  • Just before the last battle of the DS game, the party is walking towards Typhon and the floor shatters. It's too far to jump, so Daedalus throws the protagonist. Before his floor gives way and he falls to his death, he gives some pretty heart-wrenching lines to the protagonist
    Daedalus: Hey, you! My little reanimated doll! Will you quit trying to fly! Keep your feet planted firmly on the ground! <pause> Wait, I take that back. Your fate is your own, and I can't change it. Live your life as you wish.
  • The scene where Leucos opens up about her father, who became an actor after giving up his career as a soldier to raise her. One day black rain fell, monsters cornered them to a cliff, and he revealed that she was really immortal, but failed to save himself from the monsters. Heracles telling her to laugh because her life is too long to be miserable doesn't help either.
  • Also, the Heracles traveling in your party realizes he's really been Dead All Along and fades into ether. His brother, the true Heracles then loses it.
    Iphicles: Big brother... You'll always be... my hero.
  • The fate of Captain Gazuth. Agon ropes him along by holding his daughter hostage. He's already lived a sorrowful life as Daedalus' apprentice. Then, he dies and his final wish is for the hero to play Daedalus' flute for him.
    • The heroes later rescue Flora and she gives Leucos a letter. Gazuth planned for the worst- he urged for someone to pass along the message that the Di-Taphus and Di-Crasis must be destroyed to the party or Queen Piazza. Also, to put "Flora" on her headstone if someone found her dead.