Tear Jerker: Galaxy Quest

  • The cast of the Galaxy Quest television show suffering from I Am Not Spock and Dude, Where's My Respect? at the beginning of the movie despite it meant to be semi-humorous, lamenting over how the fame they gained from the show even after it's cancellation destroyed their acting careers due to being remembered for just that show. Even during their appearances at conventions or store openings, they at first lament the way they were embraced. Gwen DeMarco is treated as a Ms. Fanservice for every fanboy's perverted wet dream despite being a skilled actress, while Alexander Dane gets the worst of it, as he was a respected Shakespearian actor before his unwanted Breakout Role that only limit his fans to fans of his television role much to his dismay and the fact he lives in a dingy rundown apartment in contrast of the luxury lifestyles of his co-stars Gwen and Jason. Fortunately, by the end of the film, their experience at least regain their faith in their fandom and revived their acting careers.
    • Jason Nesmith's in-universe Creator Breakdown at the beginning of the film, to see a jovial, if not arrogant, star who at first seems to embrace the fandom in contrast to their least enthusiastic cast-members, to have his positive outlook crumbled after listening to the gossip of two non-fans about the negative affects of the show's fandom and how it tainted their careers, which sadly revealed to be not completely unfounded, and leads him to lashed out at his fans and eventually succumbed to alcoholism at his own home, as he looked old episodes of his show to pathetically trying to find his comfort zone again. Jason was probably thinking I Wish It Were Real for his Galaxy Quest television fame to be really worthwhile and eventually becomes a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming and Crowning Moment of Awesome for him when he realizes how his show inspired an alien planet to turn it into real experience, thus making him as giddy as child when his dreams comes true as Jason gladly embrace his television role for real.
    • The cast's initial resentment of their remembrance was far more sad as, since the movie was inspired by the Star Trek franchise and its fandom, it was based on the actual said show cast's initial feelings for being remembered for just that show.
  • Quellek's death always starts the waterworks. This innocent alien fan boy gets abruptly shot just after helping his idol save his crew, and has a few last words with him that should be narmful, but most certainly are not.
    • "You'll forgive my impertinence sir, but even though we had never before met, I've always considered you as a father to me."
      • "Quellek... By Grabthar's hammer... By the suns of Worvan... You shall be avenged."
  • Jason explaining the true nature of Earth television and fiction to the naive Mathesar. It's like watching a slow, hard breakdown of a child discovering that there's no such thing as Santa (it even hits harder as Jason's actor played a Santa). He looks absolutely devastated.
  • The entire scene when Sarris sneaks onto the bridge and starts killing everyone off. Even if you already know Jason's going to activate the Omega 13. It's still an amazingly horrific scene.