Tear Jerker / Final Fantasy Adventure

  • Oh lord, where to begin? This game is one of the saddest ever seen on the Game Boy.
    • Willie dies right off the bat.
    • Girl is left alone in the world because Hasim, her guardian dies. She's forced to join with the first person she sees after that, since she literally cannot fight.
    • Amanda, your best friend, is turned into a monster and begs you to kill her.
    • Lester, who spends a long time trapped in the form of a bird, and shortly after he's freed he's given the news that his sister is dead. After you beat Davius he says he's going to stay in Jadd and play requiem for her.
    • Marcie throws you off Dime Tower so you may live.
    • The ending...just the ending. As well as the massive Fridge Horror.
  • An example from a parenting magazine back from 1992 mentioned how the submitters young kid got the game for Christmas, and played it obsessively through to completion. When she came into the room to tell him it was time to turn the game boy off, she was greeted with hearing sad music from the game boy and saw her son in tears because of what happened through the game - even adding the main character giving up his Chocobo to the list of the Tear Jerkers.