Tear Jerker / Blue October

A sizable part of this alternative rock band's song catalog can evoke this reaction.

  • "For My Brother" is particularly gut wrenching, once it turns to a plea for help. It's roughly the emotional equivalent of being sent through a meat grinder.
  • "Hate Me." You can tell it's going to be one right from the title. The anger and self-hatred running through the song is applicable to many mental disorders.
  • "Let It Go".
  • Also, "Black Orchid". You know it'll be depressing when it was written as a confession to the singer/writer's mother that he was suicidal, at the age of fourteen, but the sheer helplessness in his voice is what can make one unable to listen all the way through.
  • "My Never". Admit it, we've all been there before.
  • "Congratulations", the band's duet with Imogen Heap.
    "I can't change this, I can never take this back, but now I can't change your mind..."
  • "Any Man In America" is this for anyone who's been through a divorce, on the losing end of a custody battle, or both. The liner notes for this album even include a letter from Justin to his young daughter Blue, pictures of them together and pictures of band members with their own children, pets and hobbies.
  • "Quiet Mind" is this in a more heartwarming sense.
  • "It's Just Me", the hidden bonus track on Foiled is definitely a Tear Jerker, especially when it gets to "I wanna feel the punch inside my heartbeat on the floor, I don't wanna hurt no more!" When Justin sings it, it's gut-wrenching, but just try singing it yourself and not ending up in tears, yelling the last six words.
  • "The Feel Again (Stay)" can be interpreted several ways despite the direct lyrics. All ways result in a tearjerker, especially for fathers.
  • Any given performance under lead singer Justin Furstenfeld's solo name 5591 can break the down the toughest heart.
  • Justin's devotion to his daughter is so sweet, it makes me cry to listen to some of the music that can be applied to that connection.
  • According to an article, the song "Into The Ocean" has helped people who were contemplating suicide. Justin's response?
    "If I have saved others, I don't know what to say, but if I can do that for them, why... can't I do that for myself?"