Tear Jerker: Alex Rider

  • General Sarov's suicide at the end of Skeleton Key. All he wanted was for Alex to be his son. Denied that (and on another level, his master plan), he kills himself rather than Alex, as he has nothing left to live for.
  • Jack's death. It doesn't help that the point of view directly before it happens is switched to Jack's, describing her attempted getaway, giving the reader some hope that she might actually succeed. Alex's reaction made it even more heartbreaking, because this is the first time we actually see him outright lose his cool - and the first time we even see him cry, for that matter. Hell, he actually blacks out as a result of his grief. It shows how much she really meant to him, and how much her presence kept him together. Strengthened by the fact that it was also a Never Got to Say Goodbye moment and was done solely to torture Alex emotionally.
    • And then at the end, when Razim is dead, Alex is found kneeling by the exploded car she died in...
  • Alex calling out for Mrs Jones when he's been shot at the end of Scorpia.
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