Tabletop Game / The World of Darkness
aka: World Of Darkness

The following is a disambiguation page for the various settings and game systems published by White Wolf under the name "World of Darkness." Many of the various game lines in each setting also have their own works pages, indexed inside their respective setting.

Old World of Darkness (1991-2004, 2011-)

Exalted was originally advertised as being the oWoD's prequel, but was revised so that this was no longer the case. It retains some similar elements.

Crossover Spin-offs

Computer Games
New World of Darkness (2004-, retitled Chronicles of Darkness in December 2015)
Monte Cook's World of Darkness (2007) (World of Darkness adapted to the d20 rules system, by Monte Cook)

Tropes in use throughout the franchise include:

Alternative Title(s): World Of Darkness