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Smug Snake: Religion

  • The Devil in many religions and media is always depicted as arrogant and smug, though not always without justification.
    • Ironically while the King of Tyre is called a fallen Cherubim who got cast out from the Garden of Eden due to Pride and judging from the Apocryphal book of Enoch(which has been quoted by Jude) it was refering to the fallen Cherubim Shamsiel who was one of the angels gaurding Eden after man was kicked out not Satan.
      • The other "evidence" for Satan's Smug Snake status comes from a description of Nebuchadnezzar(who was a Smug Snake) so Satan holding a Smug Snake status is unsupported in the actual Bible which implies he is willing to hand over his throne to the Beast of the Apocalypse out of fear of his power.

  • The Apocrypha(namely the same book of Enoch quoted by the epistle of Jude) describes the sole fallen Archangel Ramiel as the real Smug Snake of the fallen Angels and being the king of Pride. He gets bonus points for being an actual snake(hinted to be the Leviathan itself).

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