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Sliding Scale: Bigger Is Better
Hugeness Scale
  • -1: Atoms, stop devouring me!
  • 0: Go forth, my faithful amoeba!
  • 1: Hello Mr. Louse!
  • 2: Yes! I climbed this 10 inch tall rock pile!
  • 3: This taco is just too big for my stomach to hold.
  • 4: I'm a midget, so what?
  • 5: I'm just a normal person.
  • 6: Ouch, my head hit the ceiling.
  • 7: You expect me to sleep in that small space?
  • 8: Hello person on 2nd floor! I'm on the 1st floor and I see you!
  • 9: I can't fit in the movie theater even when crouching!
  • 10: My shoe is your house.
  • 11: If I was a katamari, I could probably roll up some small countries.
  • 12: Exactly one Belgium.
  • 13: Having trouble fitting in Greenland
  • 14: I can't fit in Canada.
  • 15: I can't fit in North America.
  • 16: I can't fit in the Americas.
  • 17: Earth is giving me some serious vertigo with its gravity.
  • 18: Yay, now I have my own gravity!
  • 19: That marble is Earth? Really?
  • 20: I'm as big as Jupiter!
  • 21: I'm basically a second sun.
  • 22: I can't fit in the Solar System.
  • 23: All these solar systems make just a big enough bed for me.
  • 24: I can't fit in The Milky Way Galaxy.
  • 25: That small swirl is Milk Way Galaxy? P-lease!
  • 26: I'm too big for any black hole to suck in.
  • 27: The universe is too small, so I ripped it.
  • 28: I caused the Big Crunch I'm so big
  • 29: Azathoth
  • 30: God
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