Sliding Scale / Badass Driver

Speed Freak Level:
  • XXXXX: Infinite speed? That's not close to being moving.
  • XXX: Hyperdrive is too slow for me!
  • 9: Piloting a MiG-31 through narrow canyons and tunnels on full afterburner is all in a day's work for me!
  • 8: Aaahhh, the precise handling of this F-Zero machine is sublime. I love it! - This is where I am on the gauge.
  • 7: I can handle Phantom Class very easily, thank you.
  • 6: Extreme-G is plenty fast for me.
  • 5: A Galaxy 9009 at full boost is enough for me.
  • 4: I can keep a Krieger PCPD Special on the road at full blast.
  • 3.5: I drive a Lamborghini on and off-road and enjoy every second of it.
  • 3: I can handle myself in some exotic supercars, but not well.
  • 2: Dirtbikes and ATVs are the fastest I can handle.
  • 1: Go-karts only, please.
  • 0: I prefer to walk.
  • -XXX: The speed of a snail is just too fast for me.
  • -XXXXX: Just standing in one place is just too fast.