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Series: Out of This World

Short Version: That show you vaguely remember about the alien girl who could freeze time.

Evie Garland, the main character, is half-alien, which gives her a variety of special powers, which get her in and out of trouble on this syndicated half-hour Sitcom which ran from 1987 to 1991. She lives with her human mother Donna, and only communicates with her Anterian alien father Troy via a crystal on her desk (voiced by Burt Reynolds, the producer of the show).

All Anterians have a variety of powers, including the ability to "Gleep", or to will simple, non-mechanical objects into existence. As Evie is only half-Anterian, her powers are less refined than a full-blooded Anterian. Evie's main power is the ability to freeze and unfreeze time by placing her fingers or palms together, respectively. Later in the show, on her sixteenth birthday, she gets the ability to teleport.

Donna and Evie must keep her powers a secret from various nosy side-characters, which include the oblivious Mayor Kyle Applegate, the dim-witted Buzz Belmondo, and Evie's high school sweetheart Chris Fuller. Donna's brother Beano is also a frequently recurring guest, and the only other character to know Evie's secret.

The show is extremely similar in format to the later Sabrina the Teenage Witch and probably second only to Small Wonder in the "Oh, that's what that show was called!" hall of fame.

Not to be confused with Eric Chahi's legendary French side-scrolling adventure game masterpiece, also known as Another World. Also not to be confused with the surreal Jam Handy short film about bread, which would eventually be riffed on MST3K.

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