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Series: Absalons Hemmelighed
English; "The Secret of Absalon", this series is another Scandinavian Julekalender.

Cecilie is a lonely, nerdy, 12-year-old girl, interested in archaeology. Her father owns a large department store in Copenhagen, and her equally overworked mother is in charge of the interior. Her 8-year-old sister, Ida, is an Ill Girl, unlikely to survive her heart disease.

During the holiday season, Cecilie learns about the interesting archaeological discoveries found under the department store. She investigates it with a mysterious, amnesiac boy named Hubert, initially only out of her own interest, but she later becomes convinced that "the secret of Absalon" (a Danish bishop from The High Middle Ages) can help her sister. As Ida becomes more sick, Cecilie grows desperate, but the experienced, cynical archaeologist Petra, whom Cecilie initially admires, turns out to have a selfish interest in the discoveries. Also, Hubert might have something to do with the secret...


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